What Is A Tax Return?

According to Wikipedia, A tax return is a legal process.
In this process, you have to file a document which comprises of entries.
It has your income earn with income tax which you have to pay to the Government.


Who Can Get Tax Refund In NZ?

As per the IRD standards, following are eligible for tax refund owing:

  • Who’s income is < $48,000 in the last tax year
  • Who is doing a part-time job
  • Who worked for only some parts of last year
  • One who worked for multiple firms last year


How To Get Tax Refund In NZ?

From 1st April, you can check if you?re eligible or not.
From Mid-May, you can utilize the calculator & check do a no-obligation check. After that, you can request for Personal Tax Summary (PTS). If the calculator shows that you due a refund, you should go ahead & claim that.
From Mid-June, you can find PTS in MYIR account. You just need to check all details related to your bank account. After that, submit the PTS. Refund will be deposited in the nominated account within five working days.


Step-By-Step Guide To File Tax Returns In NZ

Now, let?s analyze how you can file tax returns in NZ in a painless manner.


Step 1: Register For MYIR Account

To file a tax return in NZ, go to the IRD Homepage. IRD is an acronym for Inland Revenue Department. It handles things related to tax credits.

Login to IRD

Firstly, you need to register for MYIR account. Click on ?REGISTER? button which will redirect you to a new window.

Create MyIR account

You will have 3 options for creating an account:

  • Personal Account
  • Business Account
  • EOH Account (i.e. act on your behalf)

Choose any one option out of the three which will redirect to a new window.


Step 2: Enter Your IRD Number

Create IRD account

The IRD Number is your tax number. You can find it on your payslip from the work. You can also find in the any of IRD?s text messages.

Here?s how you can find your IRD number:

Enter your IRD Number and click on the ?Continue? button.


Step 3: Fill The Necessary Details

Register for IRD

Image Source: https://www.backpackerguide.nz/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/3-MyIR.jpg


Fill all the details. As you can see that, all fields are mandatory.

The Tax Refund Companies or Tax Agents know this fact.

The most important thing is to have a New Zealand phone number.

Without that, your account won?t work. So, prepare for that in advance.

You should write a number with ?64? instead of ?0?.

For example, if your phone number is 02732737327, then you should write 642732737327.

Click on the ?Continue? button.


Step 4: Agree To The Condition Of Use

Check all the details that you fill. After that, click on the checkbox related to the condition of use.

Check conditions - IRD registration

Click on the ?Continue? button.


Step 5: Use The Activation Code

Once you click on ?Continue? button, an activation code comes in your mobile phone.

Remember that you should utilize the activation code within two hours.

enter activation code - IRD registration

If you fail to do that, click on the ?Exit? button. After that, call IRD for a new activation code.

Once you get a new activation code, enter that & click on ?Submit? button.


Step 6: Login Into Your Account

If your activation code is proper, you will see the following page.

Registration page - IRD registration

After that, click on the ?Login? button.

Login to MyIR

Utilize your ID & Password for MYIR account & click on ?Login? button.
After logging into your account, you will see the following webpage.


Step 7: Checking Eligibility For Tax Return

Check IRD for tax return

Now, click on ?Return Progress? or ?My Income? which will open up a new window.

Tax return progress

In this page, you will find ?Things To Do? section. Under that section, you will have an option for IR3. Click on that link and you can file the tax return.

If your tax year has already passed, click on one of the links.
?required to file an IR3 or receive a PTS?
?calculate if you?re entitled to a refund?

Both the links ultimately takes you to the same place.

So, follow the instructions after clicking on the link.

If you do that, you will be able to file your tax return in a painless manner.



Filing a tax return in a be a difficult task, so we have outlined the steps necessary to make it as painless as possible.  This guide will help you in filing tax returns in NZ.

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